Aktuelle Projekte und Forschungsschwerpunkte

Current Projects


The AG Hoor is co-leading a research project on the relation between composition and dynamical structure of the UTLS. The intensive operation periode with HALO will start in September 2017.

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Research Activities
  • WISE (Wave driven ISentropic Exchange): The effect of wave breaking on the structure and chemical composition of the UTLS from in-situ measurements on HALO (Hoor, Kunkel, Kluschat, in collaboration with FZ-Jülich, IEK-7, M.Riese)
  • Transport and composition in the Arctic lower stratosphere from in-situ measurements during POLSTRACC (Krause, Hoor)
  • Effect of the Asian summer monsoon on the composition of the lower stratosphere during TACTS/ESMVal (Müller, Bozem, Hoor)
  • The effect of gravity waves on trace gas distribution at the tropopause (Kluschat, Lachnitt, Kunkel, Hoor, in collaboration with IPA (DLR) Oberpfaffenhofen, M.Rapp)
  • Transport and mixing in the arctic lower troposphere and at the polar dome (Koellner, Bozem, Hoor, in collaboration with AWI, Bremerhaven and MPI-C Mainz, J. Schneider, and University of Toronto, J. Abbatt)
  • Ceilometer measurements and PBL-top height (in collaboration with IASS Potsdam, M.Lawrence)
  • Redesign of an QCL Spectrometer for airborne research (Gutman, Bozem, Hoor)
  • Long range transport of CO as seen from MOPITT (Leschner, Hoor)